From the beginning

In April 2009, after our beautiful wedding, R & I decided that we would start to plan our family with a view to start trying at the end of the year. I think we both thought that within six months, I’d be pregnant and we had spent our last Christmas as a couple. However things weren’t meant to be. So after a year of trying, charting, temping and ovulation kits, we went to our GP.

Fortunately, we managed to get an appointment with an incredibly supportive GP. It was pure luck as we had only just joined the practice. She did not question the need for me to have 21 day bloods which came back as ok. It was then to hubby to submit a sample. He was then asked to do another which got us worried. The results of both samples indicated that he had a low sperm count and was to be referred to an andrologist. Hubby seemed to take it ok initially but during an argument, it all came out that he felt defective, useless and guilty because he could not give me a child. All I could do was to reassure him that I loved him and nothing would change that.

Time passed and we had a useless consultant appointment where hubby was told that the low count was just down to the way he’s made. He was told to take vitamins and submit another sample in six months time. He annoyed me by asking if I had “itchy feet” when I commented that we had been trying for eighteen months at that time! So we went back to our GP for more blood tests for me which seem to be ok and entered into the limbo of waiting for something to happen.

We don’t qualify for NHS treatment because hubby has a child but that is a whole other story so we have had to explore other treatment options. We went to the Fertility show
which gave us lots of information about our options. We now have an action plan to view a number of clinics to find one we like and to find out more about egg sharing schemes. Hubby has to submit a sample in a few weeks and we’ll see what happens after that.

Fingers crossed that 2012 will be lucky year for us 🙂