There have been a number of recent articles about the impact of acupuncture on IVF success.

A friend mentioned it first which lead me to my friend Google. I’m an avid researcher and like to know the pros and cons of everything. All that I read indicated that acupuncture was beneficial even if only to help manage stress and anxiety during treatment. It can also have an impact on egg quality. I’m open to alternative therapies having previously had acupuncture, reiki and homeopathy. I had been anxious since being told that we had been accepted to egg share. I think I thought that we would never get to the point where we could have treatment and the reality of treatment, it not working or finally being pregnant freaked me out! So off I went for my first appointment and my anxiety has gone so if it’s doing nothing else, I am much more tolerable to be around. I will be having acupuncture around my treatment protocol with two treatments on embryo transfer day. Fingers crossed it will help us get our BFP 🙂


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