An update

Ok, so I am a rubbish blogger but have decided to make a commitment to try to blog at least once a week. It’s been months since I last blogged and things have moved forward in some ways and stayed the same in others! I’ll start with the positives: We are having fertility treatment, starting in about 6-8 weeks :).

In my previous post, I think I spoke about egg sharing and fortunately we have been accepted! Egg sharing is a way for couple to have free or reduced cost ivf by giving half of the eggs collected to a recipient. Since the change in the law where a donor can be traced when a child born from donor products can be traced, there has been a huge drop in the numbers of donors, leaving some couples waiting years for donor eggs. We are viewing egg sharing as giving us a chance to have a baby and giving another couple the same chance. Infertility is heartbreaking and if my eggs help a couple have a baby, then I have done some good in this world. It has been quite quick for us to go from our first consultation in February to treatment. To be accepted, there are criteria such as age, BMI (which I have been doing Slimmming World to improve), hormone levels and AMH. My AMH is in the reduced band but fortunately I had 18 follicles on dildo-cam and everything internally is a ok so hubby and I had to have more blood tests – STI screening and I have had karotyping and tests to see if I am a Cystic Fibrosis carrier. Luckily, everything came back negative. If I was a CF carrier, it would not stop me from sharing but the recipient’s partner would need to be tested to make sure they are not.

It was fortunate that we had a back up plan as we have definitely been told that the NHS won’t treat us due to hubby having a child from a previous relationship. I was offered more tests which felt like were being offered as a tick box exercise. The outcome would not effect the fact the we need ICSI privately do I made the decision to not have them so not to waste anyone’s time or money. It was disappointing as we are a childless couple and whilst I understand that there has to be rules, they are so inflexible and punitive! So that’s where we re at the moment. Waiting to have treatment with the glimmer of hope that we may get a BFP in July! I think I’ve just scared myself….


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