Infertility is a lonely place

It seems that when you can’t get pregnant, the whole world seems to be full of bumps and babies, as if to rub your face in it. When your story is infertility, it seems that there are very few people that you know how have the same story. None of my family have experiences of infertility and only one close friend is in a similar situation. Whilst I have shared my experiences with friends who mean well, I’ve often got comments like “I know someone who had IVF/applied to adopt etc and then found they were pregnant naturally”. Whilst that is a great ending to their story, it may not be the ending to mine. I find I smile politely, nod and walk away knowing that they don’t really understand the pain of not being able to conceive.

One place where I have found support, advice and friendship is Twitter. Whether it be through shared experiences in a weekly #fertilitysupport chat, congratulations when things go well or a shoulder to cry on when they don’t, Twitter has offered me an outlet to rant, cry and celebrate our story of infertility and I know that I will have support whatever our next chapter may be.

To all those in the #IF community, thank you 🙂

S xx


Treatment Update

On Tuesday, our clinic confirmed that the recipients for the egg sharing cycle have agreed the match :). IVF cycle is really happening eeeekkk!! I should start using myself as a pincushion at the end of June/beginning of July depending on when AF shows her face! We’re now waiting for our delivery of Gonal-F ready to store in the fridge for D day. My head is in a spin and I’m anxious/excited/scared/happy all at once. I will do what I can prior to treatment with diet, acupuncture and supplements but at the end of the day, hubby and I have to put our faith in the clinic and let them do their job. I have faith that we will have a family whether it is through IVF, adoption or some other route. There is a plan for us, the route might be short or long but the destination will be worth it 🙂 S xx

Holiday Time

Hubby and I have just spent 10 days in southern Spain having some much needed rest and relaxation (which we have been told will help with our forthcoming IVF cycle). It was just what we needed and we managed to escape the constant thoughts and worries of infertility and just sunbathe, swim and eat good food. Here are a few pictures of a fabulous time:

Packed and ready to go 🙂

View from my sunbed

Beach overlooking Mar Menor

View from the top of the castle at Cartgena
S xx