Infertility is a lonely place

It seems that when you can’t get pregnant, the whole world seems to be full of bumps and babies, as if to rub your face in it. When your story is infertility, it seems that there are very few people that you know how have the same story. None of my family have experiences of infertility and only one close friend is in a similar situation. Whilst I have shared my experiences with friends who mean well, I’ve often got comments like “I know someone who had IVF/applied to adopt etc and then found they were pregnant naturally”. Whilst that is a great ending to their story, it may not be the ending to mine. I find I smile politely, nod and walk away knowing that they don’t really understand the pain of not being able to conceive.

One place where I have found support, advice and friendship is Twitter. Whether it be through shared experiences in a weekly #fertilitysupport chat, congratulations when things go well or a shoulder to cry on when they don’t, Twitter has offered me an outlet to rant, cry and celebrate our story of infertility and I know that I will have support whatever our next chapter may be.

To all those in the #IF community, thank you 🙂

S xx


One thought on “Infertility is a lonely place

  1. I feel the exact same way. When we first started to deal with infertility, it was the most lonely feeling in the world. Suddenly, I felt like every single person I walked by, every channel on TV, all my friends were pregnant.It's a lonely and heartbreaking place and I also felt like things changed for me when I found the amazing community on Twitter. Sometimes they understand me better than my partner :)Good luck with your journey!!!

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