Treatment Day 6

So this is it, we are actually having treatment. I started on Gonal F injections on Saturday to stimulate follicles to grow and tonight I started Cetrotide to prevent ovulation. On Saturday, I was a complete bag of nerves, swinging from manic nervousness to crying within a second. Once I had done the first injection, a calmness passed over me as I was no longer able to control what happens next. The sideeffects have not been pleasant with nausea, tiredness and achey back/ovaries. Fortunately, I’ve been able to work from home most of the week so have been in comfy clothes and watching crappy tv with the laptop 🙂 My first scan was yesterday and despite the doctor not saying much, I think things are going to plan. I’ve been kept on the same dose of Gonal F which I have taken as a good sign but I spent most of yesterday panicking that this wasn’t going to work. Fortunately I had an acupuncture appointment which not only relaxed me but my acupuncturist is very good at giving me a much needed reality check. Today, I am being positive. It is the clinic’s job to make this work and I have to trust in their expertise!