My twin must haves

When you find out that you’re expecting twins, your mind goes into overdrive thinking about everything that you will need and the cost of buying two of everything. We got a free information book from Twins UK which was really helpful on focusing our minds as to what we actually needed.

My top five essentials are:

A feeding cushion – I used the Harmony Duo feeding cushion  Harmony Duowhich allowed me to tandem feed the twins on my own once hubby had returned to work. We bottle fed and fed on both at the same time at all times (and seven months later, we still do). The cushion allows for bottle and breast-feeding, offers post c section support and made me feel confident and relaxed in feeding them on my own. It did take practice and organisation but after a few days, we got the hang of it and the twins recognised being placed on the cushion as a sign that their feed was imminent. I also used it when feeding one twin as I developed tendonitis which made it painful to support their head for the 45 minutes that a feed could take.

Hubby demonstrating the feeding cushion

Hubby demonstrating the feeding cushion

A changing bag – get one big enough to fit two of everything plus extras. We decided to go for
Skip Hop Duo Deluxe
and I have to say that I love it. It has a number of pockets, both internal and external, is wipe clean and has buggy clips to attach it to the pushchair.

A pushchair – there is no perfect pushchair and there certainly is no perfect twin pushchair. Initially, when we were looking, I thought that we would get a side by side as I didn’t like the idea of an inline pushchair. However, with three  fire doors to get out of our building, a pushchair that would just go through a door was not an option. We were impressed with Baby Jogger but were advised that the long base would make it front heavy and difficult to manoeuvre which was a consideration for me as I have back and joint problems. Therefore, we decided to get the Phil & Teds Promenade which is similar to the Icandy, has convertibile seats and is compact, light and easy to push. It’s not perfect but so far, it’s doing the job.

Bouncy chairs – essential for feeding when they get too big for the feeding cushion and for when you need somewhere safe for them sit.

Door bouncer/activity station – a favourite in this household and great when you have a baby who wants to stand all the time. We picked our door bouncer up for £5 at a nearly new sale and the activity station came  from a charity shop for £15. (I love a bargain and nearly new sales have become essential for us with two wardrobes to run).


The answer

The answer to Two Plus ? Is 4!

After one egg share that became a donation cycle and a full ICSI cycle two months later (August 2012), we became parents to boy/girls twins in May 2013. The last seven months have been the best, hardest, most rewarding, most tiring and complete months of our lives and I’m glad to say that we are surviving as parents as multiples. Not only surviving but doing it with a smile on our faces (most of the time 😉).

Please excuse any spelling mistakes, I have my little lady napping on me x