Nine month update aka time flies when you’re a twin mum!

The twins were nine months old yesterday. It only seems like yesterday that we were spending our first hours with these tiny little beings after an eventful labour. Now, our hours are spent with the two most gorgeous, cheeky and loving little people that we’ve ever met (I know I’m biased but I think I’m allowed to be).

We have found a rhythm to our days and have a good routine going (thank you Lisa @blissfulbabyexp for all of your advice & support). Routine has worked for us and knowing that the twins will sleep for a couple of hours at lunchtime allows me to eat, prep tea & do housework…well sometimes ;). We do a MAD academy music class on a Tuesday which we have done since they were 15 weeks old and they love, especially the musical instruments and bubble time at the end. We also go to a baby group on a Thursday afternoon with a girl from my antenatal class who has identical twin girls. It’s a quiet, relaxed class and the homemade cake is delicious!

Weaning is going well. We are doing babyled weaning and both will eat pretty much everything that is put in front of them. We are currently doing two meals and a snack per day dependent on their mood or our day’s activities. I love watching them feed themselves and develop a love for food. I’m proud of the variety of the things they enjoy and how well they manage with finger foods and loaded. spoons.

Neither Little Man or Little Miss are crawling yet. Little Miss is close to commando crawling and seems to have developed method of pushing herself along on her back. If it works for her, who am I to say anything? I doubt that Little Man will crawl as he hates being on his front. He will stand holding onto something and motors around the flat holding on to our fingers. This is ALL he wants to do at the moment! Both of them will get there in their own time and I’m not rushing for them to be on the move. I will need eyes in the back of my head then!

Although it’s only been nine months, I can’t imagine life without my two little people.

Little Miss at minutes old


Little Miss at nine months old


Little Man at minutes old


Little Man at nine months old



Returning to work

As much as I bury my head in the sand and pretend that it’s not happening, the time for me to return to work is looming. In an ideal world, we’d have enough money for me to stay at home for a while longer but we don’t live in a ideal world….do we?

We want to move this year as we are rapidly outgrowing our two bed flat as the twins toys are growing at the same rate as they do. My wages will give us that little bit of wiggle room and allow for some treats. It will make our lives financially easier. I’m very lucky that family have agreed to provide childcare so there is no cost for us. The cost of two in childcare would be equivalent to my earnings and who wants to work for nothing?

I met with my manager a week ago to talk about hours, role and all the changes that have happened while I’ve been away – there have been a lot! I shall put my formal written request for part time hours in next week and keep my fingers crossed that they do. If we can’t come to an agreement, my only choice will be to look elsewhere. Several colleagues have come back on part time hours following maternity leave so a precedent has been set so I think it will be unlikely that they will flatly refuse the request.

I will miss the twins but I know that they will be in safe hands and I’ll get sent lots of photos of their day. I will cherish the days that we do get to spend together and make the most of the next few months.

In a way, I am looking to reclaiming some ‘me time’. Is that bad?


I grew up in water. My mum comes from a family of swimmers (my aunt swam for Wales in the Empire Games) and my mum was a swimming instructor when I was the twins age. My sister and I used to bob about in our rubber rings while she taught and I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t swim. I love the freedom that you have in water and have spent many a family holiday constantly in the pool. My husband on the other hand hates the water after someone held him underwater as a child. He can swim but won’t put his head under and it takes a lot of ‘persuasion’ to get him a pool.

I didn’t want the twins to develop his fear of water so I wanted to introduce them to swimming as soon as possible. A friend did Waterbaby classes with her little one but the high cost put me off and anyway, my mum was more than willing to come with us to help and impart her swimming knowledge. We first took them when they were a matter of weeks old. My sister came with us to experience a ‘first’. They both loved it, were very calm and didn’t bat an eyelid at going underwater. The getting changed was difficult as the pool only had one family changing room with baby change facilities and this was occupied. Cue trying to change two wriggly wet babies on a bench – not ideal!


We bought wetsuits from Two Bare Feet via eBay which I would highly recommend as it kept the twins warm as the pool was colder than I expected.

After our first trip, we planned to go many times but life got in the way. So last week, I decided that we needed to go, no excuses. Today was that day. My mum and I took them to a bigger local pool which had much better facilities, was warmer and quieter. In fact, we had the whole pool to ourselves. Both twins still loved being in the water and Little Miss is showing promise as a freestyler 😉

We have made a commitment to go swimming at least twice a month and my parents will continue to take them when I return to work. Swimming with twins does require organisation but we’ve found that a stroller is a handy addition to put them in while you get yourself changed.


I hope that they will learn to love swimming as much as I do and become true waterbabies.


Company freebies

On many of the twins groups that I’m a member of on Facebook, I kept noticing that people mentioned getting vouchers from Pampers as a goodwill gesture for parents of multiples. Never one to turn down a freebie, I sent off my email and after sending a photo of the twins’ birth certificates as proof, £20 worth of vouchers landed on my doorstep. Not £20 worth of money off coupons but £20 monetary value to be exchanged at any place that sells Pampers – perfect when we can get through 10 + nappies on a good day. The vouchers are valid until April so I’m hoping that we can combine them with an offer to get the most for our ‘money’.

I haven’t come across that many twin offers or similar goodwill gestures – if you know of any, please let me know. We bought our pushchair and car seats from an independent store www.a3babybarn and our music class only charges for one child ( a lot offer a 50% discount on the second twin but this can still make classes very expensive).

I’m a huge fan of nearly new sales and eBay bargains for everything from clothes to equipment as we have a limited budget but it would be nice if more companies thought about offering discount for parents of multiples. After all, we do need at least two of everything 😉

A trip to the hospital

When Little Man had his postnatal check, it was noted that his testicles were undescended. We were advised that it may be due to his gestational age (born at 36+6) but a scan would be arranged for him at 6 weeks. This scan confirmed that his testicles remained high and he also had bilateral inguinal hernias (hernias in the groin) with the right testicle being wrapped up with the hernia.

He is now eight months old and there has been no change. We saw his surgeon on Tuesday who following examination where Little Man was a complete superstar while someone pushed around in his groin to see if the testicles could be palpated and moved, confirmed that he would need an operation…..or two. Due to potential complications such as atrophy or the testicle springing back up, one testicle at a time will be operated on with a six month gap in between. The left side will be done first as it is the easier to locate and likely to give a better outcome. Little Man’s tongue will also be sorted at the same time.

He will have his surgery at Southampton Children’s Hospital around his first birthday in May. It will be a day surgery case but we plan for my parents to look after Little Miss for the day and overnight. I’m not sure how they will cope with being apart but I want Little Miss to be settled in case we are delayed at the hospital.

I know the surgery is routine but the thought of him having to have a general anaesthetic fills me with dread. I’m not sure who out of me and hubby with go to theatre with him. I also worry about the long term impact on his fertility as hubby had the same problem and this resulted in our need to have ICSI to conceive the twins. I have hope that science, having made such great leaps in my lifetime, will progress to a point that when he wants to have children, it won’t be too difficult for him. My gut feeling is that he will lose a testicle but I’m hoping that I’m proved wrong.

Whatever happens, he is and always will be my perfect Little Man.