A trip to the hospital

When Little Man had his postnatal check, it was noted that his testicles were undescended. We were advised that it may be due to his gestational age (born at 36+6) but a scan would be arranged for him at 6 weeks. This scan confirmed that his testicles remained high and he also had bilateral inguinal hernias (hernias in the groin) with the right testicle being wrapped up with the hernia.

He is now eight months old and there has been no change. We saw his surgeon on Tuesday who following examination where Little Man was a complete superstar while someone pushed around in his groin to see if the testicles could be palpated and moved, confirmed that he would need an operation…..or two. Due to potential complications such as atrophy or the testicle springing back up, one testicle at a time will be operated on with a six month gap in between. The left side will be done first as it is the easier to locate and likely to give a better outcome. Little Man’s tongue will also be sorted at the same time.

He will have his surgery at Southampton Children’s Hospital around his first birthday in May. It will be a day surgery case but we plan for my parents to look after Little Miss for the day and overnight. I’m not sure how they will cope with being apart but I want Little Miss to be settled in case we are delayed at the hospital.

I know the surgery is routine but the thought of him having to have a general anaesthetic fills me with dread. I’m not sure who out of me and hubby with go to theatre with him. I also worry about the long term impact on his fertility as hubby had the same problem and this resulted in our need to have ICSI to conceive the twins. I have hope that science, having made such great leaps in my lifetime, will progress to a point that when he wants to have children, it won’t be too difficult for him. My gut feeling is that he will lose a testicle but I’m hoping that I’m proved wrong.

Whatever happens, he is and always will be my perfect Little Man.



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