I grew up in water. My mum comes from a family of swimmers (my aunt swam for Wales in the Empire Games) and my mum was a swimming instructor when I was the twins age. My sister and I used to bob about in our rubber rings while she taught and I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t swim. I love the freedom that you have in water and have spent many a family holiday constantly in the pool. My husband on the other hand hates the water after someone held him underwater as a child. He can swim but won’t put his head under and it takes a lot of ‘persuasion’ to get him a pool.

I didn’t want the twins to develop his fear of water so I wanted to introduce them to swimming as soon as possible. A friend did Waterbaby classes with her little one but the high cost put me off and anyway, my mum was more than willing to come with us to help and impart her swimming knowledge. We first took them when they were a matter of weeks old. My sister came with us to experience a ‘first’. They both loved it, were very calm and didn’t bat an eyelid at going underwater. The getting changed was difficult as the pool only had one family changing room with baby change facilities and this was occupied. Cue trying to change two wriggly wet babies on a bench – not ideal!


We bought wetsuits from Two Bare Feet via eBay which I would highly recommend as it kept the twins warm as the pool was colder than I expected.

After our first trip, we planned to go many times but life got in the way. So last week, I decided that we needed to go, no excuses. Today was that day. My mum and I took them to a bigger local pool which had much better facilities, was warmer and quieter. In fact, we had the whole pool to ourselves. Both twins still loved being in the water and Little Miss is showing promise as a freestyler 😉

We have made a commitment to go swimming at least twice a month and my parents will continue to take them when I return to work. Swimming with twins does require organisation but we’ve found that a stroller is a handy addition to put them in while you get yourself changed.


I hope that they will learn to love swimming as much as I do and become true waterbabies.



2 thoughts on “Waterbabies….hopefully

  1. Its lovely that you’ve been able to take them swimming. I rarely get chance to take mine. I would have loved to have done lessons, but the high cost for two and not having anybody to go with on weekdays made it too tricky. We do get to the pool when we can though and make sure we spend lots of time in the water on holidays. I love that you had a camera in the pool to capture the swim session. What a lovely memory. xx

    • Thank you. We had a fill a form in the first time we went to be allowed to use the camera. This time, my mum cheekily asked the lifeguard if we could take a photo. I’m lucky that my mum and dad are around to help and are very keen for the twins to swim as much as possible x

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