Nine month update aka time flies when you’re a twin mum!

The twins were nine months old yesterday. It only seems like yesterday that we were spending our first hours with these tiny little beings after an eventful labour. Now, our hours are spent with the two most gorgeous, cheeky and loving little people that we’ve ever met (I know I’m biased but I think I’m allowed to be).

We have found a rhythm to our days and have a good routine going (thank you Lisa @blissfulbabyexp for all of your advice & support). Routine has worked for us and knowing that the twins will sleep for a couple of hours at lunchtime allows me to eat, prep tea & do housework…well sometimes ;). We do a MAD academy music class on a Tuesday which we have done since they were 15 weeks old and they love, especially the musical instruments and bubble time at the end. We also go to a baby group on a Thursday afternoon with a girl from my antenatal class who has identical twin girls. It’s a quiet, relaxed class and the homemade cake is delicious!

Weaning is going well. We are doing babyled weaning and both will eat pretty much everything that is put in front of them. We are currently doing two meals and a snack per day dependent on their mood or our day’s activities. I love watching them feed themselves and develop a love for food. I’m proud of the variety of the things they enjoy and how well they manage with finger foods and loaded. spoons.

Neither Little Man or Little Miss are crawling yet. Little Miss is close to commando crawling and seems to have developed method of pushing herself along on her back. If it works for her, who am I to say anything? I doubt that Little Man will crawl as he hates being on his front. He will stand holding onto something and motors around the flat holding on to our fingers. This is ALL he wants to do at the moment! Both of them will get there in their own time and I’m not rushing for them to be on the move. I will need eyes in the back of my head then!

Although it’s only been nine months, I can’t imagine life without my two little people.

Little Miss at minutes old


Little Miss at nine months old


Little Man at minutes old


Little Man at nine months old



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