Lost my name personalised books

This is a personal review because I am so impressed with the quality of this product.

For the twins birthday, I have ordered them personalised books from Lost My Name We love books and I love the idea of personalised books especially for Little Miss who has a slightly unusual name.

The book tells the story of a child who has lost his or her name, and bravely sets off to track down the missing letters.

The illustrations are beautiful



The production quality is very good and the paper is thick enough to be difficult for small hands to rip them. The book is a paper back so will kept for story times only as a special book. I am very impressed with the books, the promptness of delivery and quality. I can wait to read the story to the twins after their birthday and for them to recognise their names in the story.

The Lost My Name books came with literature about how they company came about. A group of dads and an uncle started it as a DIY project to produce different personalised books. The project is 100% self funded, self published and independent. If you are thinking about getting your little one a personalised book, then I would recommend Lost My Name.


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