Sensory play

Many years ago, I worked in a nursery that had it’s own sensory room, an emphasis on sensory play (water, jelly, newspaper, gloop etc) and beautiful treasure baskets. I saw the benefits of the children having a variety of sensory experiences, other than the flashing lights, whizz bang of many baby toys and this was something I wanted for my own children.

When the twins were very small, I began to amass our sensory bag (and am continuing to do so). In it, we have:

– a variety of different fabrics bought as off cuts from my local shop
– crinkle cellophane used for wrapping presents
– wooden spoons and a pastry brush which is great for tickling little toes
– discovery bottles with ideas from
Imagination Tree
– silver/gold space blanket
– light up glitter ball
– light up squishy koosh animals
– pat mats




I want to do more messy play with the twins but we are limited with space and I will definitely need a spare pair of hands. Hopefully we can borrow a garden in the summer for some water & sand play – making lots of lovely mess!

I love our sensory sessions and I think the twins too.

All use of the sensory items is done under strict supervision


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