What makes a Super Mum?

This has been a question that has been on my mind for a while. As a mum of multiples, I have had the super mum comments myself but I’m definitely not!

So what does make a super mum? Is it being a multiple mum? Is it classed by the number of wakes ups/dirty nappies/feeds you’ve done? Is it because your husband has never come home to you still in your pjs with no make up on and food/sick in your hair? Is it having a pristine house at all times?

I don’t think any of these class someone as a super mum although I do admire those who have the energy to do their hair and make up on a daily basis 😜

For me, super mums are those to triumph against adversity, who continue to put one foot in front of the other and striving for the best for their children, in circumstances that would have others crumpled on the floor. In both real life and internet life, I have come across women like this and I can not explain how much I admire their courage, strength and tenacity.

As for the rest of us, we’re just mums…..who are super!

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16 thoughts on “What makes a Super Mum?

  1. I think every mum is a super mum, everyone has different challenges and circumstances to overcome. My own mum thinks I’m amazing for looking after my son a lot on my own as my oh works away, I just think it’s normal 🙂 I think I’m going to out my cape in the wash and start wearing it daily tho 😉 always good to have an ego boost and feel super!

    • It’s is always good to have an ego boost and I guess we are all super in our own right. Having twins to us is normality but to others it seems like a mammoth task. Sometimes getting through the day is a challenge ;). Thanks for your comment x

  2. For me at the moment being a super mum is staying awake through Jaspers night feeds, knowing that I brought him into the world and not being offended by the constant wind he’s had over the last few days!

    He’s 1 week old so it’s all a learning curve for me, I can’t wait to start realising how else I’m a super mum along the way!

  3. I think you and every other mummy is a super mummy! I may not feel it at times and have normal parenting guilt at times over silly things, but being a mummy or daddy is a tough job and we’re all super!! Thanks for linking up #binkylinky

  4. I think all mummies are Super Mums, for different reasons. Being a parent is challenging in so many different ways because every child is different. For me, its raising Potato on my own with my husband living abroad. We shouldn’t undersell ourselves. It sounds to me like you’re doing a brilliant job and that makes you a Super Mum in my books x

  5. Ooohhh a nic eand inspiring post. I really do admire and envy even those mothers who can be mothers and still look pretty! Sometimes I want to stop them on their tracks and ask their secret =P #binkylinky

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