Another milestone

Today, Little Man reached another milestone – getting his first pair of big boy shoes. He’s been assisted walking for weeks and strides around with his Vtech walker like a boss!

I’ve been struggling to get pram shoes to fit him so took him to Clarks a couple of weeks ago to discuss when was the right time to get shoes and to get him measured. It turns out that he has his dad’s hobbit feet and is a 3.5H – the widest that Clarks do! No wonder I hadn’t been able to get shoes to fit!

Today we took him to try a pair on for fit. As soon as he had on his shoes, he wanted to take me for a walk around the shop. He’d decided he was having shoes!

As it was Little Man’s first pair of shoes, he had his photo taken and we got literature about the importance of correct fitting for shoes. As I have foot problems, I want my children to have proper shoes whilst their feet develop.

Little Man looks so grown up in his shoes. Where has my baby gone?

Little Man and his new shoes


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