My birth story (part one)

The twins are now 11 months old and I have yet to write the story of their entrance to the world. Things might be a bit hazy but here goes:

Friday (36+1 weeks)

I had my 36 week scan and consultant appointment. The scan showed both babies were head down so we knew that we were good to go for a ‘normal’ delivery. I eventually saw my consultant after a lot of waiting and surprise surprise, my blood pressure was up. She booked us in for an induction on the following Wednesday and sent me upstairs for monitoring. The plan was to induce me at 36+6 weeks so I had a chance of delivering before the bank holiday weekend when staffing levels were lower. Hubby and I went upstairs for monitoring. By that time, my BP was normal and I had no protein in my urine. Bloods were taken but we were allowed to get lunch in the canteen whilst we waited for the results. They came back clear and I was allowed home to come back for more monitoring on Monday.

Over the weekend, it was my dad’s birthday and I ended up cooking for everyone. Cue a pregnant lady meltdown!

Monday 36+4 weeks

Monitoring at the hospital. Both babies were fine and my blood pressure was within normal ranges. All systems go for induction on Wednesday.

Tuesday 36+5 weeks

To celebrate our last night before we became parents, hubby and I decided to go out for our last date for a while. We had a delicious three course meal at Jamie’s Italian with a side order of gaviscon. I have no idea how I managed to eat so much! On the way home, we got a few bits for breakfast and had an early night. It was a bizarre day.

Bumpin' at 36+6 weeks

Bumpin’ at 36+6 weeks

Wednesday 36+6 weeks

A very nervous and excited hubby and I made our way to the hospital for 9 am. We went straight to the delivery suite as arranged by my consultant. We were shown to our room for the next X amount of hours. A lovely and very chatty midwife talked us through the process and did the first monitoring of the day. Both babies were happily swimming in my tummy. I also had the first of many internals which showed that I was nowhere near going into labour. The pessary was inserted (ouch) and I was monitored for another hour. I started to get backache during this period but figured it was due to lying in one position.

After the monitoring session, I was free to move around. I had lunch (hubby was given copious amounts of tea in a proper tea pot which he was very impressed with!). We went for a walk to get hubby lunch and to pass a bit of time. We bumped into an ex colleague of mine who was now a student nurse and it was bizarre talking to her knowing that the babies would be soon in the world.

We had six hours to pass between the next monitoring and pessary session. Time was passed away by reading, bouncing on the birthing ball, having a nap and numerous trips to the toilet. I was having a few niggles in the base of my bump but didn’t think much of it as we’d been told that it was a long process to get labour started. Hubby’s prediction was that the twins would be born on Friday afternoon 😳

Conserving my energy ;)

Conserving my energy 😉

Proper tea courtesy of the NHS!

Proper tea courtesy of the NHS!

There was a shift change before this time period was up so we had a lovely younger midwife and a student midwife. I later found out that the midwife was pregnant and this made me feel bad because of what she had to do – more of that later. She popped me back on the monitor and asked if I was getting any pains. I told her about the niggles in my bump and she told me that I was getting a lot of tightenings which were palpable. She was concerned about giving me the next pessary due to hyper stimulation of my cervix. Due to this, she got the registrar to check me.

I will start by saying that I really didn’t like the registrar. She was very curt in her manner and rough in her examination. She checked the trace and decided to do an internal. I was 2cm dilated and she made the decision to break the waters of twin one – the twin nearest the exit. My waters went everywhere, soaking her & I! I was still in my normal clothes so my cardigan was removed  as it was soaking wet but I remained in my vest top until the following afternoon. So much for having a labour nightie 😜

This was the point where things started to go downhill………



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