Parenting – it’s your choice

There seems to be so much advice and information on how to parent nowadays, whether it’s from books, professionals, internet, friends or family that it can be overwhelming. There also seems to be a number of different parenting styles around – maybe there always has been but the different styles are now more widely known?

I don’t see myself as a (insert your label) parent. I’m just a parent. I have made choices on how I raise my children based on what is right for us as a family and with the best interests of my children at the centre. Yes, we have a fairly strict sleep and feed routine and have done sleep training but we also babywear and are doing babyled weaning read about our BLW journey here As parents, my husband and I are not purists in any of this. We’ve taken the bits that work for us and adapted bits that don’t so that they do.

I feel that as parents, we’re all on a journey. The destination is the same – happy, healthy, confident children who have been enabled with an armoury of skills that allow them to successfully navigate life – but we all take different routes to get there. No one route is better than the other and sometimes we have to change the route when we hit a road block and that’s ok too!

However, not everyone agrees with me. I have experienced criticism of my parenting choices on social media because it wasn’t a choice that someone else would make. I’m not saying that I haven’t seen things that I would never do with my children and judged. I have done. We all do! I have had to remind myself that the individual is making the choice that’s right for them and I don’t know the circumstances that have led to that decision.

It’s when this judgement becomes open criticism that frustrates me. I will always make informed choices about what I feel is right for my children and my family. I wish that people would realise that your wrong doesn’t make it wrong for the rest of us. We don’t have to agree but we can agree to disagree!

Parenting is difficult enough as it is without us as a community supporting each other. As long as the basis of any decision/choice is the best interests of the child and their welfare is paramount, let’s accept our differences and relish in the joys that that our children bring.



2 thoughts on “Parenting – it’s your choice

  1. I personally think it’s all about the family unit. And if what you’re doing works for you as a family then crack on because what I do works for us as a family. No two families will ever be exactly the same and not one particular parenting style will suit everybody because of this. Yet you will still get those that feel the need to judge everybody against themselves (they’re usually the struggling ones).
    I’d have loved to of worn my son but he was just so heavy lol we nicknamed him ten ton Trevor 🙂 xx

    • I completely agree. I can’t separate the needs of my children from us as a family. They need two functional parents who are the best they can be. My son is a chunk but we’re still managing to wear him but in back carries now x

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