Time to lose the baby weight

After procrastinating for months about losing weight, promising myself that next week would be the week to start and never keeping to it, I’ve decided that the time is now. I feel fat! None of my clothes fit properly. I have lots of summer clothes that have barely been worn that I can fit into and I can’t afford to buy any more.

I’ve previously done slimming world which did work for me. I’m more of a tortoise than a hare in the weight loss race, tending to lose no more than a lb per week but a loss is still a loss. Before the ivf cycles started, I managed to lose just under 2 stone and was feeling good about myself.


However, two ivf stim cycles and a twin pregnancy meant I put it back on and then some. Whilst I wouldn’t have it any other way, the twins are now one and I have no excuse to not be healthier for me and for them. I don’t want to be a fat mummy. I’ll never be skinny but I’m not happy where I am. I particularly dislike my c section pouch so stomach exercises ūüė≥ are also needed – any tips and hints welcome as I can’t do crunches due to previous injuries.

As I can’t afford to go back to slimming world at the moment, I’m tracking my calorie intake using the My Fitness Pal app. So far, so good (it’s only been five days though!). The app is easy to use, has a good amount of saved items and you can scan the barcode of most items to get an accurate calorie intake.

I’m weighing my rice and pasta which I have never really done before. Eats as much as you want tends to give me free rein! I’m also limiting my chocolate intake which as a complete chocoholic is tough.

My long term aim is to lose three stone but I expect this to take a year to eighteen months. At the moment, I’m taking it day by day and lb by lb.

I’ll blog my progress and hopefully it will give me more motivation to keep going



Little Man’s One Year Update

Our handsome, cheeky, cuddly Little Man truly has captured our hearts (along with his sister) over the last year. He’s our little snuggle bug who loves to sit on your lap, cuddle and play with, sometimes pulling, my hair. He always has a smile for everyone and an infectious giggle, especially when Daddy comes home and is silly with him.

He has recently learnt to crawl and pull himself to stand after us saying for months that he never would crawl. I think he wanted to prove us wrong! His additional movement has turned him into a havoc monster but he has great fun doing it.

He loves his food, as shown by hi recent demolition of a chicken drumstick. He’s on the 91st centile for height and weight and is in 9-12 month clothes. He is a solid boy so you know you’re holding him!

His favourite things are:

– his teddy, ‘Ted Ted’
– chasing a ball around
– tactile, sensory toys
– splashing in the bath
– bubbles
– cars
– peekaboo
– cuddles
– ‘horsey horsey’ and ‘the grand old duke of York’
– books, especially tactile ones like the Usborne ‘that’s not my……’ range
– Mummy, Daddy and his big sister and partner in crime








Little Miss’ One Year Update

The twins turn one in a couple of days (how did that happen??!!) so I thought it was about time to do an update on them.

Little Miss is our beautiful, cheeky, clever & amazing girl. She has a smile that lights up her entire face and her laugh can’t help but make you laugh. She has a wicked sense of humour and finds the oddest thing funny – currently it’s the word ‘lasagne’

She has great fine motor control particularly when eating and can spend ages really examining something. She loves her food, more than she likes her bottles, to the point that we don’t know where she puts it. She is a little dink, only just transitioning into 6-9 month clothes.

Her favourite things are:

– singing
– dancing, especially to Kanye West ‘Golddigger’, the Snoop Dogg Money Supermarket ad as well as the more age appropriate ‘three little men in a flying saucer’
– her sleigh bells
– having treasure ie anything she’s not meant to have!
– doing fish impressions
– peekaboo
– rough and tumble
– her cot mobile
– sucking her fingers
– Mummy, Daddy but most of all her brother who she completely adores








What a year it has been…..

A year ago yesterday, I started my maternity leave with the twins being born nine days later. It has been the best, most amazing, most stressful and brilliant year of my life and I can’t quite believe that I have two nearly one year olds. I will do a separate 1 year update post to let you know what Little Man and Little Miss are up to.

The fact it has been a year since I started my maternity leave, it also means that the time to return to work is fast approaching. I was very lucky for my request for part-time¬†working to be granted without any issues. I will be working Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays with my parents and in-laws¬†doing the childcare. I’m comfortable that my parents know the routine and how we do things but I’m less confident in my in-laws¬†ability. We did¬†a trial run of nap time a week ago which went well and I ‘think’ they know how mealtimes work in terms of babyled weaningbut I still have my worries. We are having another trial run next week and will hopefully manage a couple more before I start work.

I’m not sure how I feel about going back to work. Part of me is looking forward to it as it will ease financial pressures and give me a chance to use my brain and be ‘me’, not just mummy. I am sad that I will miss out on days with my gorgeous babies but it is only a couple of days at a time. Things could be different and I could be going back to work full-time. I have the worst case of baby brain and know that I will be shattered after a day of work so the plan for the next month is to:

  • fill the freezer with meals for us and the twins so I don’t have to cook much in the first weeks.
  • get some work clothes that actually fit. Most of my pre pregnancy clothes don’t fit or are tired and worn.
  • write out the twins information pack for my parents and in-laws.
  • Get the twins’ bags ready for work days
  • try not to stress
  • enjoy the last few weeks as a stay at home mummy.

If you have any tips to ease the transition back to work, I’d love to hear them.