What a year it has been…..

A year ago yesterday, I started my maternity leave with the twins being born nine days later. It has been the best, most amazing, most stressful and brilliant year of my life and I can’t quite believe that I have two nearly one year olds. I will do a separate 1 year update post to let you know what Little Man and Little Miss are up to.

The fact it has been a year since I started my maternity leave, it also means that the time to return to work is fast approaching. I was very lucky for my request for part-time working to be granted without any issues. I will be working Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays with my parents and in-laws doing the childcare. I’m comfortable that my parents know the routine and how we do things but I’m less confident in my in-laws ability. We did a trial run of nap time a week ago which went well and I ‘think’ they know how mealtimes work in terms of babyled weaningbut I still have my worries. We are having another trial run next week and will hopefully manage a couple more before I start work.

I’m not sure how I feel about going back to work. Part of me is looking forward to it as it will ease financial pressures and give me a chance to use my brain and be ‘me’, not just mummy. I am sad that I will miss out on days with my gorgeous babies but it is only a couple of days at a time. Things could be different and I could be going back to work full-time. I have the worst case of baby brain and know that I will be shattered after a day of work so the plan for the next month is to:

  • fill the freezer with meals for us and the twins so I don’t have to cook much in the first weeks.
  • get some work clothes that actually fit. Most of my pre pregnancy clothes don’t fit or are tired and worn.
  • write out the twins information pack for my parents and in-laws.
  • Get the twins’ bags ready for work days
  • try not to stress
  • enjoy the last few weeks as a stay at home mummy.

If you have any tips to ease the transition back to work, I’d love to hear them.




4 thoughts on “What a year it has been…..

  1. Differently sound organised, I try to prep things the night before for the next day, might be worth leaving a few bits at the grandparents?

    Also would suggest having a few trial days of leaving them. 1st few weeks are hard but it gets easier. X

    • Thank you. Both sets of grandparents have all the necessary items & I’m going to do a spare change bag for each house. We definitely need trial days for them as much as me. Will give me time to fill the freezer 😉 x

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