Little Man’s One Year Update

Our handsome, cheeky, cuddly Little Man truly has captured our hearts (along with his sister) over the last year. He’s our little snuggle bug who loves to sit on your lap, cuddle and play with, sometimes pulling, my hair. He always has a smile for everyone and an infectious giggle, especially when Daddy comes home and is silly with him.

He has recently learnt to crawl and pull himself to stand after us saying for months that he never would crawl. I think he wanted to prove us wrong! His additional movement has turned him into a havoc monster but he has great fun doing it.

He loves his food, as shown by hi recent demolition of a chicken drumstick. He’s on the 91st centile for height and weight and is in 9-12 month clothes. He is a solid boy so you know you’re holding him!

His favourite things are:

– his teddy, ‘Ted Ted’
– chasing a ball around
– tactile, sensory toys
– splashing in the bath
– bubbles
– cars
– peekaboo
– cuddles
– ‘horsey horsey’ and ‘the grand old duke of York’
– books, especially tactile ones like the Usborne ‘that’s not my……’ range
– Mummy, Daddy and his big sister and partner in crime









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