Little Miss’ One Year Update

The twins turn one in a couple of days (how did that happen??!!) so I thought it was about time to do an update on them.

Little Miss is our beautiful, cheeky, clever & amazing girl. She has a smile that lights up her entire face and her laugh can’t help but make you laugh. She has a wicked sense of humour and finds the oddest thing funny – currently it’s the word ‘lasagne’

She has great fine motor control particularly when eating and can spend ages really examining something. She loves her food, more than she likes her bottles, to the point that we don’t know where she puts it. She is a little dink, only just transitioning into 6-9 month clothes.

Her favourite things are:

– singing
– dancing, especially to Kanye West ‘Golddigger’, the Snoop Dogg Money Supermarket ad as well as the more age appropriate ‘three little men in a flying saucer’
– her sleigh bells
– having treasure ie anything she’s not meant to have!
– doing fish impressions
– peekaboo
– rough and tumble
– her cot mobile
– sucking her fingers
– Mummy, Daddy but most of all her brother who she completely adores









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