Have twins, will attend food festivals ;)

Yesterday, we took the twins to their first big food festival – Foodies Festival held at Clapham Common. Hubby and I have attended Foodies a couple of times before, only missing last year as I was heavily pregnant, and it was somewhere we always wanted to take our children. We love our food and want the twins to share our love it.

Due to the dodgy weather forecast, we packed for all eventualities – raincovers and pac-a-macs alongside suncream and shades. We had booked parking through Park At My House to save the inevitable argument that would have ensued whilst we tried to find parking in London. The parking was about a minutes walk from the festival so we couldn’t have found better.

The heavens opened just as we parked so we were all expecting to get soaked and end up bailing for a pub lunch. However, the sun gods were kind and it ended up being a beautifully warm and sunny day.

When we arrived, we booked for seminars in the various food theatres. It was a shame that despite arriving early, we were only able to book for the first three seminars which meant that members of our party missed out on seminars that they particularly wanted to attend. It would be helpful if half of the tickets for all of the seminars were released in the morning and the rest in the afternoon.

We started by attended a seminar by Fiona Sciolti who makes botanical chocolates. She made chocolate infused with super fruit tea and a nut brittle containing popcorn, dried fruit, a variety of nuts and whatever she had to hand – it was delicious. Fiona’s style was very laissez faire, with nothing weighed, measured or temperature checked which gave me confidence to try chocolate work at home. Her chocolates are all naturally flavoured and taste amazing! We came home with three bars!

Hubby and my sister also attended a champagne tasting and both have bargain tastes, preferring a £25 bottle from Tesco!

Our senses were overloaded by the mouthwatering food smells, the live music and the sights all around of us. The twins sampled a Moroccan tagine for lunch, my sister had a duck wrap and hubby and I had the most amazing burger and chips from Street Kitchen I’m not sure that this will ever be topped!

The alcohol was certainly flowing this year and this was the one thing that really stuck out as a difference from our previous visits. Normally, there has been lots of food to sample and buy whilst yesterday, it felt like a more alcohol dominated festival. It was a shame as part of the fun is going from stall to stall and sampling the wares. Despite that we had a really good time and the atmosphere was great, helped by the sunshine. There was a lovely addition of a tea tent and with couples having a tea dance on the grass.

We’ll be back next year and hopefully, there will be a few more things to try before we buy 🙂