My Sunday Photo – 8th June 2014


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Love the little things

This is my first post using why mummy why #littleloves Linky so here goes:


This week I’ve read ‘The telling error’ by Sophie Hannah. I’m a big Sophie Hannah fan and had this book preordered on my kindle. Whilst it wasn’t the best of her books, I still enjoyed it and read it in a couple of days.


After really enjoying 24 when it first started on BBC2, I was glad to here that Jack is back!. My husband had never watched 24 before but the first two episodes of this new season (when did we stop saying series?!) has him hooked.


After not being myself any clothes since the birth of my twins eleven months ago, I went on a much needed shopping trip, treating myself to some new tops and skinny jeans. I have to shift the baby weight but I am determined to not be a slummy mummy!



My twins are at the stage where they want to listen to nursery rhymes in the car which can drive you a bit mad! It was lovely this morning for the four of us to dance around the room to Imelda May’s Love Tattoo album.


The first meal my husband ever made for me was Jamie Oliver’s pork and pears. Seven years later, we finally made it again and it was just as delicious!


And lastly

At 11.5 months old, one of the twins has decided to crawl. Just have to wait for his sister to catch him up!

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