Little Man’s One Year Update

Our handsome, cheeky, cuddly Little Man truly has captured our hearts (along with his sister) over the last year. He’s our little snuggle bug who loves to sit on your lap, cuddle and play with, sometimes pulling, my hair. He always has a smile for everyone and an infectious giggle, especially when Daddy comes home and is silly with him.

He has recently learnt to crawl and pull himself to stand after us saying for months that he never would crawl. I think he wanted to prove us wrong! His additional movement has turned him into a havoc monster but he has great fun doing it.

He loves his food, as shown by hi recent demolition of a chicken drumstick. He’s on the 91st centile for height and weight and is in 9-12 month clothes. He is a solid boy so you know you’re holding him!

His favourite things are:

– his teddy, ‘Ted Ted’
– chasing a ball around
– tactile, sensory toys
– splashing in the bath
– bubbles
– cars
– peekaboo
– cuddles
– ‘horsey horsey’ and ‘the grand old duke of York’
– books, especially tactile ones like the Usborne ‘that’s not my……’ range
– Mummy, Daddy and his big sister and partner in crime









Little Miss’ One Year Update

The twins turn one in a couple of days (how did that happen??!!) so I thought it was about time to do an update on them.

Little Miss is our beautiful, cheeky, clever & amazing girl. She has a smile that lights up her entire face and her laugh can’t help but make you laugh. She has a wicked sense of humour and finds the oddest thing funny – currently it’s the word ‘lasagne’

She has great fine motor control particularly when eating and can spend ages really examining something. She loves her food, more than she likes her bottles, to the point that we don’t know where she puts it. She is a little dink, only just transitioning into 6-9 month clothes.

Her favourite things are:

– singing
– dancing, especially to Kanye West ‘Golddigger’, the Snoop Dogg Money Supermarket ad as well as the more age appropriate ‘three little men in a flying saucer’
– her sleigh bells
– having treasure ie anything she’s not meant to have!
– doing fish impressions
– peekaboo
– rough and tumble
– her cot mobile
– sucking her fingers
– Mummy, Daddy but most of all her brother who she completely adores








What a year it has been…..

A year ago yesterday, I started my maternity leave with the twins being born nine days later. It has been the best, most amazing, most stressful and brilliant year of my life and I can’t quite believe that I have two nearly one year olds. I will do a separate 1 year update post to let you know what Little Man and Little Miss are up to.

The fact it has been a year since I started my maternity leave, it also means that the time to return to work is fast approaching. I was very lucky for my request for part-time working to be granted without any issues. I will be working Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays with my parents and in-laws doing the childcare. I’m comfortable that my parents know the routine and how we do things but I’m less confident in my in-laws ability. We did a trial run of nap time a week ago which went well and I ‘think’ they know how mealtimes work in terms of babyled weaningbut I still have my worries. We are having another trial run next week and will hopefully manage a couple more before I start work.

I’m not sure how I feel about going back to work. Part of me is looking forward to it as it will ease financial pressures and give me a chance to use my brain and be ‘me’, not just mummy. I am sad that I will miss out on days with my gorgeous babies but it is only a couple of days at a time. Things could be different and I could be going back to work full-time. I have the worst case of baby brain and know that I will be shattered after a day of work so the plan for the next month is to:

  • fill the freezer with meals for us and the twins so I don’t have to cook much in the first weeks.
  • get some work clothes that actually fit. Most of my pre pregnancy clothes don’t fit or are tired and worn.
  • write out the twins information pack for my parents and in-laws.
  • Get the twins’ bags ready for work days
  • try not to stress
  • enjoy the last few weeks as a stay at home mummy.

If you have any tips to ease the transition back to work, I’d love to hear them.



Parenting – it’s your choice

There seems to be so much advice and information on how to parent nowadays, whether it’s from books, professionals, internet, friends or family that it can be overwhelming. There also seems to be a number of different parenting styles around – maybe there always has been but the different styles are now more widely known?

I don’t see myself as a (insert your label) parent. I’m just a parent. I have made choices on how I raise my children based on what is right for us as a family and with the best interests of my children at the centre. Yes, we have a fairly strict sleep and feed routine and have done sleep training but we also babywear and are doing babyled weaning read about our BLW journey here As parents, my husband and I are not purists in any of this. We’ve taken the bits that work for us and adapted bits that don’t so that they do.

I feel that as parents, we’re all on a journey. The destination is the same – happy, healthy, confident children who have been enabled with an armoury of skills that allow them to successfully navigate life – but we all take different routes to get there. No one route is better than the other and sometimes we have to change the route when we hit a road block and that’s ok too!

However, not everyone agrees with me. I have experienced criticism of my parenting choices on social media because it wasn’t a choice that someone else would make. I’m not saying that I haven’t seen things that I would never do with my children and judged. I have done. We all do! I have had to remind myself that the individual is making the choice that’s right for them and I don’t know the circumstances that have led to that decision.

It’s when this judgement becomes open criticism that frustrates me. I will always make informed choices about what I feel is right for my children and my family. I wish that people would realise that your wrong doesn’t make it wrong for the rest of us. We don’t have to agree but we can agree to disagree!

Parenting is difficult enough as it is without us as a community supporting each other. As long as the basis of any decision/choice is the best interests of the child and their welfare is paramount, let’s accept our differences and relish in the joys that that our children bring.


Another milestone

Today, Little Man reached another milestone – getting his first pair of big boy shoes. He’s been assisted walking for weeks and strides around with his Vtech walker like a boss!

I’ve been struggling to get pram shoes to fit him so took him to Clarks a couple of weeks ago to discuss when was the right time to get shoes and to get him measured. It turns out that he has his dad’s hobbit feet and is a 3.5H – the widest that Clarks do! No wonder I hadn’t been able to get shoes to fit!

Today we took him to try a pair on for fit. As soon as he had on his shoes, he wanted to take me for a walk around the shop. He’d decided he was having shoes!

As it was Little Man’s first pair of shoes, he had his photo taken and we got literature about the importance of correct fitting for shoes. As I have foot problems, I want my children to have proper shoes whilst their feet develop.

Little Man looks so grown up in his shoes. Where has my baby gone?

Little Man and his new shoes

What makes a Super Mum?

This has been a question that has been on my mind for a while. As a mum of multiples, I have had the super mum comments myself but I’m definitely not!

So what does make a super mum? Is it being a multiple mum? Is it classed by the number of wakes ups/dirty nappies/feeds you’ve done? Is it because your husband has never come home to you still in your pjs with no make up on and food/sick in your hair? Is it having a pristine house at all times?

I don’t think any of these class someone as a super mum although I do admire those who have the energy to do their hair and make up on a daily basis 😜

For me, super mums are those to triumph against adversity, who continue to put one foot in front of the other and striving for the best for their children, in circumstances that would have others crumpled on the floor. In both real life and internet life, I have come across women like this and I can not explain how much I admire their courage, strength and tenacity.

As for the rest of us, we’re just mums…..who are super!

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